About Us

KEMUNCAK ENGINEERING SUPPLIES SDN BHD is an established company specializing in providing professional engineering services and safety products to the oil and gas industry. Our company is headquartered in Klang, Selangor of Malaysia.

Our company is one of the leading Malaysia offshore container supplier that supplies a variety of offshore containers, offshore baskets, offshore container fabricator, offshore skid, offshore tool box and many more.

We are dedicated to provide our utmost service and quality products to our customers with the aim to assist them in a smoother flow in their business operations. Kemuncak Engineering Supplies has a team of employees who are professional and knowledgeable in running our business operations as well as providing excellent customer service to our customers from the oil and gas industry.

We are committed to provide our best to become the pioneer in the industry through our engineering design service solutions to our customers and the products that we supply.

KEMUNCAK ENGINEERING SUPPLIES SDN BHD, with the objective of becoming a global leader in providing quality engineering products and services, primarily to the oil & gas support industry, is incorporated in Malaysia, with its business headquarter located in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Petronas License

Kemuncak Engineering Supplies Supplies Sdn Bhd (KEMUNCAK) has been granted license to supply product and service to exploration and oil/gas companies in malaysia by Petronas.

Engineering Capability
  1.   State-of-the-art Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.
  2.   Extensive R&D efforts for continuous product improvement and development.
  3.   Innovation and Technologies are key to our future success.

ISO9001 Quality Management System
  1.   An ISO9001:2008 Certified Organization.
  2.   Stringent Quality Assurance & Quality Control system.
  3.   Quality of products closely reviewed and verified by third party inspectors.

Partnership with Norwegian Uniteam Group
  1.   Among the market leaders in the global Offshore Container industry.
  2.   Offers complete range of Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE)/Cargo Carrying Units (CCU) products.
  3.   Cooperation with Uniteam further strengthened Kemuncak‚Äôs technical know-how.

Malaysian Oil And Gas Services Council Membership
  1.   Platform for networking with major Oil & Gas industry players.
  2.   Better understanding of the changing needs of the market.
  3.   Access to the latest development in the industry.

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