We Specialize In Offshore Containers & Other Safety Products

Over the years, Kemuncak Engineering Supplies has been involved in numerous projects in the oil and gas industry. We have been supplier not only on our efficient engineering products but also dedicated services of engineering work such as service, repair and refurbishment of oil and gas machinery and equipment.

Our core competence in the industry lies upon our commitment of job deliverance to our customers. We have a team of employees who are knowledgeable and experienced while performing every job seriously to meet the requirements of customers and our company’s objective.

With our quality products such as offshore basket, offshore container, offshore skid, cargo basket and cargo carrying units, our company is assured in providing customers with our one stop solution to their engineering service solutions of the oil and gas industry.

We are committed to provide our best to become the pioneer in the industry through our engineering design service solutions to our customers and the products that we supply.


  • Clients

    • Brunei  Brunei   
    • Indonesia  Indonesia
    • Vietnam  Vietnam
    • Malaysia  Malaysia
    • Australia  Australia 
  • Products

    • 10ft/20ft/22ft/25ft/40ft/45ft/50ft/70
      Feet Offshore Transfer Baskets
    • Explorer Gloves & Polka Dot Gloves
    • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) – 10,000 Psi
    • Test Pump – Max Pressure 10,000 and 15,000 Psi
    • 24'' , 48″ and 36″ Pipe Wrench Cradles
    • 6ft/8ft/10ft/15ft/20ft/40ft
      Offshore Containers
    • 8ft/10ft/20ft
      Offshore Workshop Containers
    • 20ft Pressurized Modules
    • 10ft/20ft Rigging Lofts
    • 10ft Reefers Containers
    • 7ft/8ft/13ft Waste Skips
    • 10ft/20ft Offshore Greylock Pipe baskets
    • 12ft of 6″ Vent Pipe Basket
    • 10ft/20ft Offshore Hose Baskets
    • Compressor Skids
    • Onshore and Offshore Pipe Racks – 3″ and 4″
    • 12 and 16 Gas Cylinder Racks
    • Coflexip Hose Baskets
    • Spooler Frame c/w Accessories
    • 10 and 20 Tonne Sheave Assembly
    • NDT Services and Third Party Load Test
    • Single-Leg Wire Rope Sling Drum Lifting Device
    • 5/10 Tonne Spreader Bars
    • 2000 Liters of Diesel Tanks
    • Offshore Concrete Pump Skids
    • Automatic Piping Cold Cutting and Beveling All-in-one
    • Flymarker Battery Operated and Table top Marking Machine

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